Wilmington, Delaware: EvonSys, the global service provider of PegaSystems, sponsors the 120th birthday celebration of Jewish Family Service (JFS) on April 6th, held in The Gables at Chadds Ford. Since 1899, JFS of Delaware has been strengthening individuals and families in their community. EvonSys has developed a very strong relationship with JFS Delaware while providing the solution for energizing their one of the biggest digital transformations.

Mr. Prasanna Sai, executive vice president and Mr. Nish Fonseka, COO of EvonSys attended the memorable evening at Chadds Ford. Mr. Sai said, “EvonSys is thankful and obliged to be a part of JFS’s recognized partner list. Wishing for more successful years to come.” Mr. Fonseka added, “It’s always a good feeling to be recognized in such a grand way. Hope for the best and we will make sure EvonSys and JFS thrive together in such prestigious manner.”

Thanks to JFS for making kind remarks during the event – “Glad to have representatives from our sponsor, EvonSys join the celebration!”

About the author : Punna

Punna Parmasivan is CTO and Co-Founder of Evonsys. He is responsible for bringing innovation  using the latest technology and tools. led BPM implementations in banking, insurance, and healthcare.

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