Helping a leading Insurance firm to automate their painstaking manual processes

EvonSys leverages Pega RPA solution to meet client demands for automating manual & repetitive day to day processes.

  • Client: Leading Insurance firm in U.S.
  • Category: Pega RPA/RDA


Our client, who is a leading Insurance firm based in U.S. was looking out for RPA solutions to automate their recurring, manual policy upload process. Their existing process was painstaking and inefficient. The existing process comprised of manual upload of customer insurance policies from a common shared drive into client’s mainframe application. Each policy upload took approximately 25- 30 mins of a single resource’s time. The data file was in excel format with huge amount of data. This created backlog in the system and was having a negative impact on productivity and customer experience.


EvonSys team of expert technical architects, leveraged Pega RPA solution to automate the client’s requirements:

  • Pega RDA bots were configured to replicate the human tasks
  • Bots accessed the client’s policy data, extracted the required fields and uploaded the same in their mainframe application
  • Bots created master templates for business reporting and analysis
  • Multiple bots were added to multiple VMs to speed up the process
  • The solution was built in adherence to Pega best practices

EvonSys helped to achieve a custom upgrade solution. In which, the old cases can be updated in the new system and vice versa. This helped us to migrate to the latest solution on a phased approach.

Vice President, Global Bank


  • The RPA solution was built in a very short span of time and had provided immediate ROI/benefits to the client.
  • The automation had reduced the upload time per policy by approximately 96%. The client was able to utilize the freed resource time for other productive tasks.
  • With RPA automation solution, client was able to clear the backlog and reduce the time lag of policy upload in mainframe system.


leveraged Pega RPA solution to automate the client’s requirements

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